Kellie & Nate

It’s our first wedding feature blog! We are so excited to start sharing one BWB Ranch wedding a week with you all! We are starting with the beautiful wedding of Kellie and Nate Cole! They had a swoon worthy wedding on September 9, 2017. These two are from Bemidji, Minnesota and are fellow dog lovers like all of us here at BWB Ranch and have a pawfect furbaby named Duke!

These two wanted something “different” then the traditional wedding venue for their big day. When they discovered BWB Ranch (Before they were even engaged! Find out the story below) they knew the barn wedding venue style was for them.

Their wedding was absolutely stunning! The whole day was a blast and went perfectly. They embraced the barn wedding venue style and brought the beauty up 10 notches. Everywhere you looked on that day there was perfection - from the centerpieces, to the ceremony, to the love these two have for each other.

Now for a Q&A time with the couple:

Tell us your engagement story!

We got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2016. We had agreed not get gifts for each other that year and decided to do a fun activity together instead. That day, Nate asked me to go snowshoeing at at local park that was a favorite of ours. I didn’t really want to go snowshoeing as it was snowing and I was feeling a little bit lazy but I eventually agreed. We got to the park and set out on the snowshoe trails with our dog Duke in tow. We reached our favorite spot that overlooks the river and stopped to take a few pictures. As were about to set out on the trail again, Nate told me to close my eyes because he had decided to get me a gift. When I opened my eyes he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock! As we were hugging and processing what just happened, another couple came along the trail and congratulated us and took our photo. The rest of the hike was the longest and best of my life. I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling!

How did you hear about BWB Ranch and why did you choose us to be your venue?

My sister had been planning her wedding two years prior to us and I had gone with her to check out BWB Ranch and fell in love. My sister ended up choosing another venue but I knew that I wanted to check it out again. We looked at several different venues but I was really hoping for something that wasn’t your typical wedding venue. Nate and I scheduled a visit to BWB with Julia and we were immediately smitten. It was exactly what we were looking for. We loved the barn wedding venue style with it’s rustic, yet modern, charm and the space provided on all of the grounds. We really wanted to be able to be outside but still have the shelter of an indoor space. It was perfect!

What was your favorite part about BWB Ranch?

We loved that Julia was there every step of the way and she was knowledgeable about vendors and how we should do things to have it run smoothly on the big day. It was also a HUGE plus to be able to have access to the barn the day before to decorate!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Being able to share our big day with all of our friends and family in a place that was so beautiful was absolutely priceless. We had beautiful weather and everything went very smoothly. Marrying my best friend was pretty great too! :) (cue the awwww’s)

Did your guests share with you their experience of your wedding day here at BWB Ranch?

We had several guests approach us and tell us that BWB Ranch was one of the prettiest wedding venues they’ve ever been to. We also had guests tell us that they really liked the flow of the indoor to outdoor space and being able to sort of mill about but still be a part of the festivities.


Photography: Whispering WIllow Photography

Floral: Storeybrook Designs

Food/Bar: Bar 209/Turtle River Chophouse

Cupcakes: Jen Geiser

DJ: Ntertainment

Transportation: Bemidji Bus Lines

Make Up/Hair: Captivating Beauty

Tent Rental: Northern Event Rentals

Thank you Kellie and Nate for choosing us to be your barn wedding venue!